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Move–And Other Four-Letter Words, the latest trade paperback from Hearthland Publishing, has received glowing reviews from readers and critics alike.

“Moving is surely one of life’s more stressful activities, but every year, more than 20 million Americans pull up stakes and relocate. In our mobile society, the average American experiences 11 moves over a lifetime.”  (Read full review)
– Barbara Lloyd McMichael, The Bookmonger

“An insightful book, full of aha moments. Fascinating, fun and philosophical glimpses of Brown’s emotional and geographic journeys from the mid-1950s to the present, this book is proof positive that the themes of life remain timeless.”
– Marna A. Krajeski, author of Household Baggage & Household Baggage Handlers.

“Millions of Americans move every year. Although Move describes the life of a military family, the stress and emotions involved apply universally. Move—And Other Four-Letter Words demonstrates that, even when completely frustrated by our inability to significantly alter an unpleasant situation, changing our attitude toward it can make it both survivable and meaningful.”
– Suzie Schwartz, wife of Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Norton A. Schwartz

“Move—And Other Four-Letter Words will strike a resonant chord with everyone who’s ever had to move. Brown’s determination to ‘tell it like it is’ absolutely rings true: motherhood on the move, trying to maintain normal life by keeping family traditions, the importance of faith for holding the family together, the difficulties of having to live apart from one’s spouse. It’s all here, so three cheers for Brown. ‘Kudo’ is a four letter word too.”
– Dorothy Wilhelm, Northwest Media humorist, columnist & TV host

“One message rings clear in Brown’s memoir of a mobile marriage: Even someone at first miserable about moving can learn to cherish the richness of the experience and family of friends gained along the way.”
– Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer, authors of Help! I’m a Military Spouse: I Get a Life Too!