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a real life how-to and how-not-to story for those who must relocate,
            Move—And Other Four-Letter Words is funny and heartening

Move–And Other Four-Letter Words

Memoir of a Mobile Marriage

Psychologists rank the experience of moving among life’s greatest stress producers, particularly for the relocating person’s loved ones. Yet, every year over 20 million Americans, from all walks of life, change addresses.

Brown's astonishingly mobile life—21 moves in 32 years—shows others who are forced to relocate that they're not alone in their feelings of desperation and points the way to how to move on in a new community.

While waiting for the psychiatrist to arrive at each new address, Brown learns to see comedy in chaos and meaning in mobility as her life evolves from a foot-dragging slog into an odyssey of discovery of people, places and cultures. For everyone grappling with life-changing upheavals, Move is a parable of hope.

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